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Bluum Box Review - 7 mo - April 2014

This is technically my second Bluum box, because my one from March 12th is still floating around a New Jersey USPS sorting facility, which is apparently where packages go to die. After 45 minutes on hold with the Postal Service, I was assured that the zip code has been properly updated. Three weeks later? Still no box.

So what is Bluum all about? For $24.95 month (discounts if you pay ahead), this subscription service tailors a box to your child's developmental needs according to age and gender. I shouldn't have been surprised, therefore, that the 7 month old box was filled with stuff I need RIGHT NOW, centered around the introduction of solids. A box all about eating? Now that's one I can get behind!

The same afternoon I received the box, Bluum sent me an email detailing what was inside, the MSRP of each item and a sentence on why it was included. They encourage writing reviews by offering rewards points, and provide links within the email to do so.

Onto the goods!

Free Spirit Publishing - Happy Healthy Baby - EAT ($6.99)
My baby is clearly a genius. He can already read and follow directions.
I'm always game for a children's book, board or otherwise. This one has cute phrases about eating and black & white pictures of babies doing just that. I think he enjoyed it about as much as any other of his 10 gazillion books, but $7? Although Barnes & Noble would probably try to get away with list price, I think the value is closer to $3 when compared to what you can find at your local TJ Maxx or Ross. There weren't original illustrations, which make a huge difference in value to me. It was the perfect length for his attention span and I was happy to get it for free.

Playtex Baby - Training Time Cup - Blue & Green ($4.99)
The outer packaging stated 4 mo+, so I was confused that the inner instructions referred to a toddler cup with an internal straw. Maybe they got these cups on massive discount from Playtex. I'm not quite sure what to put in here yet. He still gets his liquids from Mommy!

Amara - Dry Food Pouch - Apple Maqui Berry ($2.50)
I'm making baby food with a Baby Bullet, so I know the only ingredients are the fruit/vegetable and water. These freeze dried fruit blends are a unique, storage friendly way to provide the same amount of clarity and simplicity. I love that this is a combination I won't make on my own. I haven't given him any combinations yet, so I need to wait a couple of weeks before trying these. They will be an awesome addition to his diaper bag for Grandma's house!

Tom's Of Maine - Toddler Training Toothpaste ($4.25)
I have a little rubber banana practice toothbrush, but hadn't even considered toothpaste. This is a great idea! With no fluoride and claiming to be completely safe for baby to swallow, Tom's toothpaste allows little one (well, you) to practice brushing those nipple chompers like a big kid. This is exactly why I like subscription boxes, to find new products that I wasn't even aware of. If we like this, we will definitely get more, and the box came with a dollar off coupon for any Tom's of Maine product.

Klorane - Dry Shampoo ($19.50)
Clearly these Bluum Mommies have done this whole kid thing a time or two. I haven't had a chance to wash my hair in 7 months, so I use dry shampoo daily. I've never tried this brand, but always wanted to. It's nettle based, which sounds just crazy enough to work. According to the online sub box community Bluum always throws in a little extra sumpin sumpin for mommy. What a PERFECT choice. I'm kidding about the washing hair part...Kind of...

I absolutely loved my "first" Bluum box, which makes me even more annoyed that the first one has never shown up. This was a really great kit that addressed several areas of consideration for solids introduction. The only thing missing were glycerine suppositories. :) The total value was approximately $38, but more importantly I am excited about every item and didn't have to track them down myself! Hopefully when my baby's 6 month box eventually gets here, he will find some of it useful with his own children. That's how much faith I have in the postal service.

If you're interested in trying out Bluum, you can get 50% off your first month here.



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