Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fancy Women's Mystery Box - Winning!

I just opened my Fancy Large Women's Mystery Box. Large refers to the box size and content value, not the size or shape of women receiving. I paid $40, no shipping, and had no idea what would be included. I have to say this box would be loved by women of ALL shapes & sizes!

I've been trying out Fancy subscriptions recently with the original Fancy box, the Fancy Food Box, the Coco Rocha curated box (waiting on this one) and this mystery box. This one is undoubtably my favorite so far. Since it arrived I've been randomly belting out, "Everything is Awesome!" because everything was.

Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf ($15?)
I don't know the brand, so I couldn't find this exact one online. Similar scarves cost about $15. Although brown isn't my favorite accessory color, it's a cute scarf. There's only one problem: it's April in Arizona and we already hit 101 degrees a couple of weeks ago. I'll find a way to swap or give away this one.

Sophie Sparrow Shark Tooth necklace ($60 or $40)
This feels like the most expensive item in the box, but it's listed for $40 on the Fancy website ($60 on the Sophie Sparrow site). I love this necklace. The delicate infinity chain (no clasp) is a beautiful touch and the pendant has a nice weight to it. I'm really hoping my son doesn't succeed in yanking it off my neck.

TKO Skeleton Watch ($125 or $100)
$100 on the Fancy website or $125 on Amazon. I love mint in my ice cream and apparently in my watches too! The rubber band pairs beautifully with the gold hardware accents the face. With the advent of smart phones, I've pretty much forgotten how to tell time with the little sticks. Just recently I've reintroduced watches to my wardrobe strictly as a fashion accessory or for an additional arm workout day. I love this one and will definitely wear it this spring and summer. Lots of colors are available.

Square Jellyfish Combo Smart Phone Selfie Kit ($28)
Since my son has been born I've found myself trying to get pictures of the two of us, but my arm disturbingly isn't long enough to get a decent shot of both of us. Luckily, WeBMD was wrong, and this isn't a rare genetic abnormality that will eventually end with my horrible demise. Supposedly this is a common problem, and I've just been given the solution! I couldn't find this exact combo kit on Amazon, but it costs $28 on Fancy. It comes with a sturdy little smart phone tripod that doubles as a handle and a sun shade. This kit makes my phone perfect for all the beach selfies I will NOT be taking this summer. Normally I wouldn't cart this around everywhere, but I have to balance out the weight of that infernal car seat so I'm on the lookout for random stuff to add to my Mary Poppins diaper bag.

I didn't try either the small or medium mystery boxes they also have for sale, but I'm tempted to now.

If you were inspired to spend some of your paycheck, you can totally give me a referral kickback by using any of the links in this article or by clicking here.

Even using the cheaper valuations makes the Fancy box worth $183. I don't feel ripped off one bit! I would have been happy with either the necklace or the watch. Getting both in one box means...EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

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