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Fancy Box Review - April 2014

Curated by the fancy community
I'm currently signed up to receive a couple of the subscription boxes offered by Fancy: regular monthly, food, and one curated by model Coco Rocha. I think it was their clever name that roped me in; who doesn't want a little more fancy in their lives? This is a look at their regular monthly box for April 2014. The box costs $39 each month with free shipping, and can be customized with up to three categories. The $90+ contents are selected from the most Fancy'd items on the Fancy website. This whole concept is new to me, but I think it's their fancy way (groan) of saying "I would have liked this on Facebook 5 years ago." It seems you can upload any product in the world and invite the Fancy community to comment on it, share it and covet it. Anyway, I'm not sure how much of a difference it made, but for my categories I selected men, women and gadgets. I saw women and gadgets with this box. No offense intended if you're a dude and love this.

Even though the theme was "rustic," this box doesn't seem to have anything particularly masculine
Let's see how fancy shmancy it gets...

Trading cards
These cards give a little more info and reasoning behind the picks. I hate to toss them because they're so pretty and because I'm a pack rat. But in what alternate universe am I ever going to use these again? It's not like they're going to be worth millions one day like Garbage Pail Kids or Magic: The Gathering.

I found myself in this same position last week
Yowzers this is an expensive magazine! I saw it once in a doctor's office and found it kind of fascinating. Maybe because it wasn't AARP or Home & Garden.  The stories and pictures are really beautiful, and it's more of a cultural celebration than a traditional rag. I think it would make great window seat reading on a rainy day. Unfortunately I have neither of those at my disposal.

This magazine is now on my coffee table for bored guests to peruse. I appreciate that this takes some of the pressure off me to be entertaining.

Is this what Sting was going on about?
This is a clever little 4GB USB flash drive embedded in the cork stopper of a small glass bottle. Adorbs. I think the same one is cheaper on Amazon.

I haven't needed flash drives very often since I left the corporate world. I think it would make a cute gift loaded up with pictures with your bestie (when did I start talking like a 22 year old?) or love emails, so I'll have to hold onto it until that perfect opportunity presents itself. More than likely my husband will grab it when he's scrambling for portable storage to transfer massive files. Undoubtedly when that day comes, I will have forgotten a half-finished Valentine's Day project on there and the awkward steamy images will be forever seared on his potential client's eyes. If I trusted it was waterproof, I would make up some treacly sweet love story and cast it into the ocean a la Nicholas Sparks. 

Why do I always prefer the British spelling of chaulkboard?
I love the idea of these stick 'n peel chalkboard decals, but shudder when I imagine my illegible scrawl trying to cutely and oh so casually present a grocery list for all to see and judge. I think this is going in a craft closet, where it has the potential to end up being something really cool. In reality it has a 5% chance of ever seeing the light of day again.

Hello, old friend
Finally something I KNOW I will use! Because I already own two bottles! This is the second dry shampoo I've received in subscription boxes this month. I'm a dirty, dirty girl and this stuff isn't cheap so I'm not complaining. Oscar Blandi's product is a powder, rather than the more popular volumizing sprays on the market. You sprinkle it in your hair, it absorbs any oil (sexy, I know) and then you brush it out. I want to say it has a pleasing lemon verbena scent, but I'm not sure I know what lemon verbena smells like.

Added bonus - I've tried this on clothing before, and it actually does a decent job of absorbing any oil from accidental food or lotion stains. Yeah, I'm a train wreck.

Petite earrings for a petite girl (AKA Not Me)
I feel classier already owning these teeny tiny gold-plated earrings. Although I typically go for bolder pieces to balance out my 5'9" frame, I'm now reconsidering after seeing Cameron Diaz's delicate gold jewelry in "The Other Woman." In my opinion, her style was the only redeeming quality of the movie. If you're a Game of Thrones fan, avoid it at all costs; you'll never look at Jamie Lannister the same way.

This was a fun box, with a great value of $99. Realistically I will use about $39 of it, almost exactly what I paid. Since I can trade, gift, or pack-rat the rest of the goods, I think I got a good deal. I'm hoping that next time around they include more dude-oriented stuff. I'm sure plenty of guys (err, George Michael?) could rock the dry shampoo and lightning bolt studs, but I need something to help me convince my hubs that this is a subscription worth keeping.

If you feel like seeing what this Fancy thing is all about, or if you want to sign up for one of their Fancy boxes, you can do so here. Like Quarterly, they have a variety of boxes curated by celebrities including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kelly Rowland, T-Pain, Coco Rocha, Snoop Dogg, Tyler Florence and Verbal.

Disclaimer: Of course these are totally my opinions and they mean nothing. I received no compensation for this review. There are affiliate links above.

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