Sunday, March 23, 2014

Certain Dri - So my FRIEND had this problem...

"Horses sweat, men perspire and women glow. Right now, I'm glowing like a pig."
- Unknown

If there's one product I wish had advertised and marketed more circa 1996, it's this one. That's when this FRIEND of mine had issues with excessive "glowing." Yeah, I know, everyone's favorite topic. I hope you're eating so I can talk about changing diapers next.

My FRIEND was super embarrassed, constantly trying new products, and counting down the days until she could get a real job and earn real money and afford the surgical removal of her sweat glands. At 16, this sounded like a very reasonable plan of attack. She was often uncomfortable and self-concious, not to mention completely annoyed by anti-perspirant commercials that claimed they were "strong enough for a man." Really, talk about adding insult to injury.

Luckily, she met someone less embarrassed by the topic who told her she had had a similar problem. Her doctor prescribed a medical strength anti-perspirant but it required wrapping her underarms in plastic and was extremely uncomfortable. Then she discovered Certain-Dri. The heavens opened and the angels sang. Or something like that. It's an over the counter nightly roll-on that contains aluminum chloride to prevent perspiration. It does tend to itch, so she puts it on right before going to bed. The next day she is as dry as the Sahara. All day long.
With such flashy and convincing marketing, how could she have missed it?
My FRIEND was so excited to learn about this, but had no faith it would actually work. It did! Over the years she was gradually able to reduce her usage. Now she only has to apply it once every couple of weeks to keep things under control.

Since hearing her story, I've met many others, male and female, who had similar issues and similar success with Certain-Dri. I've only seen one awful commercial that looks like it cost about $10 to produce, but no other marketing. Big names like Secret now produce their own over-the-counter solutions, and Certain-Dri released a solid version, but my FRIEND claims nothing has worked for her like the original roll-on. Another advancement in glow-control is BOTOX, but I can't imagine what shots in the armpit feel like. It seems pretty awful. Perhaps not as bad as cutting out sweat glands, though.

So, if you also have a FRIEND who needs a solution to this not-so-fun problem, you should definitely tell her or him about this. It's in the deodorant/anti-perspirant aisle in the grocery store or you (they! they!) can purchase it online for less than $8.

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