Monday, March 3, 2014

Stitch Fix - Potential WPP?

After reading and re-reading reviews on Stitch Fix, I finally took the plunge yesterday and signed up for their subscription styling service.  To be fair, this can't officially be classified as a white paper package YET because I've only just signed up.  I will keep you posted on progress and let you know if it ends up making the official cut!

Apparently Stitch Fix was started over 3 years ago by Harvard student Katrina Lake (well don't you feel like an underachiever, now?). She grew her business slowly so I'm not surprised I only recently became aware of this brilliant business model, but I'm suddenly seeing it everywhere!

Unlike many of the reviewers I read, I actually love to shop and feel like I have a pretty good handle on what silhouettes, colors and fabrics flatter me (No thanks to me - I married into a family that ran a modeling agency for years. Eventually my survival instincts kicked in and I started absorbing the education my future in-laws were beating me over the head with.). Still - I love something even more than shopping - surprises!!

Filling out the style profile on

This is why I'm excited:
1. Package in the mail! Woot woot!
2. Maybe I filled out my online profile SO WELL that my stylist will be able to use her psychological voodoo to know what I will like even better than I know myself.
3. Everyone online seems really happy, in general, with their subscriptions.
4. I took the time to put together a Pinterest board as suggested. All the beautiful clothing I saw got me really geared up. I recommend doing this, based on other people's feedback that it helps your stylist zone in on what you like.
5. My $20 subscription fee is credited towards anything I decide to keep.
6. When I end up with the absolutely perfect box and decide to keep all 5 items, Stitch Fix will give me 25% off the entire order.
7. I love the idea of having pieces I may not otherwise try sent to my house so I can try them on with my current wardrobe.
8. The stylists include styling suggestion cards for each piece. I'm always looking for new ways to put looks together.
9. There seems to be more of a human element with this one than other similar services out there.

These are my concerns:
1. I've seen a lot of similar 
Stitch Fix pieces across various blogs. Many of which I'm not super excited about, although I can see the appeal from the perspective of different fashion personalities. I'm hoping that my heavy leanings towards classic and romantic glam will make a box that I haven't yet seen online.
2. I'm a procrastinator (no really, the 2 years it took me to start this blog wasn't because I'm a perfectionist). It's entirely possible I will end up with a closet full of stuff I don't want because I fail to drop returns in the mail or cancel my subscription. At least it will all be 25% off!
3. I have huge nursing boobs right now. Gigantor. These 34Gs no longer fit in beautiful Victoria's Secret bras. Or in half the clothes I own. They easily look obscene, require an official over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder and will likely be tough to style.
4. My Pinterest board may be slightly optimistic when it comes to how much skin I'm willing to show. That's the problem when the styles I like are all on leggy, tanned 22 yr olds.
5. If they are too good I'm not sure I can afford to love everything I get every month!

Have you signed up for 
Stitch Fix or a similar subscription service?  If you're interested, you can sign up hereAny suggestions for how to get the most out of it?  What do you love or dislike?

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