Friday, March 28, 2014

SocialBliss Style Box Review - March 2014 - Paris!

Yay for Gai Paris!
Sans vous je ne suis qu'un ver de terre.

That's all the French I remember after 5 years of classes. Gotta love public schools and teachers you can manipulate into allowing French food days instead of real class at least once a week.

Luckily, my French-themed Social Bliss Style Box showed up yesterday to remind me of all I had forgotten! This is one of the many sleep deprived subscriptions I signed up for last month. They send a variety of one size fits all accessories for $39.95. I signed up because I liked the looks of previous boxes. 

I'm good without a theme, but it was cute.

It's heeeeere
I love it when my poor decisions try to woo me
Here are the contents in order of least to most exciting.

French Milled Lemon Verbena By South of France ($1)
Ooh La La Baumes Pour Les Levres ($1)
It's soap! And chapstick! Horribly out of focus!
Giving these long French names just really change the fact that they are soap and chapstick. These are valued at a fair $1 apiece. I suppose I had better hold on to the already opened chapstick. It's soft and hydrating, as chapstick should be. I have a lip gloss addiction so I don't know how much it will get used.

The soap will go into the guest bath. It's surprising how tough it is to find soap that size outside of a hotel room - so I'm happier than I should be about this item.

Flourishing In Florals Headband ($14)
Wish I could wear stuff like this without feeling like Blossom. Or 12 years old.
This is cute and would look adorable on an H&M model. I appreciate the trendiness of the pastel spring florals, but it's not the type of accessory I can pull off. I've tried headscarves many times, and I always feel like I'm wearing the costume of a much freer spirit.

Eco - Chic Beauty Brushes Set ($25)
This is going in my travel toiletries immediately. I have a paranoia left over from my cat-owning days that my makeup brushes will disappear, one by one, only to be found years later when moving a dresser. 

This set is incredibly soft and the case is handy. I'd like to know, though, whose idea it was to make the case light colored? A much better choice would be fake bake orange, with streaks of black, blue and purple, and maybe some mud colored shimmery smudges to accent. It would always look dirty, but at least you would have an excuse.

These have synthetic bristles and bamboo handles, and are a decent variety of brushes for powder, concealer, eyeshadow and brows.

Spring In Paris Mattie Bag by Melie Bianco - Blush Pink ($80)
I'm a sucker for exposed gold zippers
Conveniently laid out interior
This pretty little top-handle purse also comes in creamy ivory. At approximately 12" wide and 10" tall it's medium-sized (> clutch, < tote), and has a great interior with a handy cell phone pocket. It's perfectly on trend with all the pastels showing up this spring. Unfortunately I tend towards larger purses with over the shoulder straps. It doesn't really matter since I'm currently trapped in the diaper bag only zone, so this little guy hasn't found his forever home yet!

Zooey Deschanel called and wants her box back

It's tough to find accessories that appeal to a mass audience with wildly varied tastes. Especially handbags. They can go with what's currently trending, like the floral headscarf. The other option is to go safe and boring. This box was about half and half.

Like most of these subscriptions, this box appeals to a fairly specific audience. If that's you, mon petite chou, you can sign up to get the next SocialBliss Style Box here

The contents were surprisingly high quality and beautiful. I think this is a much better deal than the beauty box subscriptions that give you dozens of tiny samples (a skin cream would have to be pretty miraculous to work in two days!). I preferred this month's POPSugar Must Have box, but I appreciate the quality and love some of the stuff I've seen in past boxes. I'll continue with this one for a bit and see how it goes, collecting some great gifts for other people along the way.

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