Wednesday, March 12, 2014

POPSUGAR Must Have Box #1 - March 2014

Hellooooo Sugar!
Yay! I was greeted this afternoon with my first POPSUGAR Must Have Box!! I was a day too late to sign up for the Special Edition Resort Box, which I am still kicking myself over.  However, I subscribed to their monthly box which includes an assortment of trending "must have" items. PopSugar now ships via FedEx SmartPost, which means USPS does the final delivery. From the time I received the email shipping notification it took 6 days, which seems in line with what others have said.

I quickly tore into the box, briefly stopping to admire the pretty packaging.
Oh I will
Inside I found a cute product brochure and greeting, accompanied by an assortment of products relating to fashion, beauty, fitness and decor. There were also coupon cards for some of the vendors. The theme was "new beginnings" to tie in with the start of Spring.

Here are the goodies!
So let's break down what came in the box, which costs $39.95/month with free shipping.

Brokedown Blue Ikat Scarf (Sugg. Retail $72)
Although I'm not usually a scarf-wearer, this one is so pretty, soft and lightweight that I may have to make an exception. I think it could make a great nursing cover! I wouldn't pay $72 for it, but I'm glad it was in the box.

Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps (Sugg. Retail: $2)
Nature's Bakery All Natural Strawberry Fig Bar (Value: < $1) 
The fig bar was thrown in as an extra. I used to buy these at Costco so I know I like them, and it looks like this is a preview of the new Strawberry flavor. I've wanted to try the Snapea crisps for awhile but couldn't bring myself to buy them for some reason. They're interesting.  Half the guilt of potato chips with about half the enjoyment. Still debating if that's a good trade.

ActiveForever Fusion Exercise Ball (Sugg. Retail: $9.95)
I'm so glad they included a link to a website that demonstrates a bunch of exercises you can do with this little guy. They look similar to some stuff I do in Pure Barre, which is what I was hoping I could use it for. It's easy to blow it up with the included straw, but tough to keep the air in it while you cap it. I assume it's supposed to be a little more squishy than the kinds you pump up with a needle. This would be great for travel workouts. In all likelihood it will end up as a baby toy or even a pool toy once the kids in the family see it.

Baublebar Elephant Ring Tree (Sugg. Retail: $12)
Ok, this is adorable! I wish I actually ever took off my wedding ring. This will find use somewhere. A 20% off coupon is included for the Baublebar website as well, which has several other cute critters for sale in addition to a large selection of trendy and reasonably priced costume jewelry. I already have my eye on a pave tortoiseshell bracelet.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum (Sugg. Retail: $27)
Really? $27 for this teensy tiny thing? It's going in my long lineup of samples to try. If it truly does what it promises (reduces fine lines, hydrates and diminishes dullness) then I suppose it's worth every penny. A promo code is included for the Jurlique website, where you can view their full line of products. I also need the name of a good lender so I can take out a second mortgage on my house in order to afford this stuff!

Dogeared Lucky Horseshoe Make a Wish Necklace (Sugg. Retail: $30)
What an adorable idea! Think this would make a great gift for a teen or college student. Given my son's grabby hands, it would only take me about 5 minutes to have my wish come true. However, there's nothing I'm really wishing for at the moment and I love unique gifts so I think I will leave it in the packaging for now. One last 20% off coupon code included for the Dogeared website, which has mostly delicate necklaces and charms for sale. Almost cute enough to make me switch from the larger statement pieces I normally gravitate towards.

All told there was about $154 of merchandise included in this month's box. There was nothing that I wish hadn't been in there, although the least exciting for me was the face cream - that type of sample is very common and you never really know how effective anti-aging stuff is until decades later.

Already looking forward to next month's box!!

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